The waccamaw river lives in swampy remote forest of coastal south carolina suprisingly near the city of north myrtle beach.The legend has it that a man called lefty was a fisher on the river and the near bye ocean.His right arm was said to ave been bitten off bye a great white shark! After the shark attack lefty decided to retire he had been planing too for weeks before but then he had to. He retired to a near bye fishing town he kept his boat always on the very front of the dock and on the left side. After 7 years he started to run low on money he hadn't saved enuogh. The people of the town didn't want to kick him out soon insted the shut off the power for his house and boat. Lefty then stayed in his boat 24/7 and with one lanter on. One day lefty vanished! So did his boat never to be seen agien. 2 months later The wreck of his boat was found with lefty gone. At night the lanter is said to come on in the back on the boat as it had when all his power was shut off. And some even say they heard his voice!

notes about the story Edit

The legend of lefty is one of the most recent legends yet that area like much of north and south carolina ins "backwords" living in the best. The story of lefty is now most told on tour guides on boat tours up and down the river which kept the story from being forgotten.