A long time ago, during the Protestant Reformation, a protestant lived in Nice, France. He was the only Protestant in the neighbourhood, and it was against the law to not be Catholic. All of The Protestants were called Heretics. And when they were captured, they were burned at the stalk. The man was arrested and was burned at the stake. many people saw it, and his ashes were secretly buried under a restaurant. The owner fled the restaurant and sold it, after they saw the ghost. Then the next owners did too. Then in 1789, the restaurant owners, at that time, had just fled the restaurant, and a couple bought the restaurant. In the first week, few people came. Less and less people came the following weeks. The couple's names were: Guillaume Robin Monesioux and  Maria Veronica Monesioux. One day, a man came by and told them why no one likes to come here. "The Man With No Face Had Eaten Food Here, But Never Payed For It." The couple then saw the ghost, and they packed their things, sold the restaurant to a cook from Cherbourgh, and fled to Bordeaux. The Man With No Face still eats there, but never pays.